Hiring a Skip

Tips for Hiring a Skip

Whether a skip is required on a building site to store waste and old materials, or if it’s needed within a garden to store green waste ready for disposal – skip bin hire offers an affordable, effective way to collect items without allowing them to collate and decay. If you have a pending project that could do with a multi-functional bin, then you will undoubtedly want to get the most out of your rental. Here are a few tips to help with hiring a skip.

Consider your project’s purpose

If you intend to renovate a particular part of your home, or construct a new building – the chances are that a smaller bin won’t be able to cater to the volumes of materials needing depositing. Medium skips are a good idea if you intend to empty them often, but if you simply have too much to manage, a full size builder’s skip should be more sufficient.

What will you be depositing inside of the bin?

Most materials relating to properties won’t suffer with decomposition, but if your project relates to the garden, then you may soon find that all green waste will soon go off. Not only will this leave an unwanted stench, it can actually result in the rusting of the bin itself. For garden projects, it’s a much better idea to opt for smaller skips that can be cleared frequently. Leave the larger alternatives for solid materials like old bricks, metal sheets and wood if it isn’t fresh.

Have you searched for the best hiring agency?

There are dozens of companies across Australia that are happy to rent their equipment to people and this competition can be very beneficial when it comes to cost. The internet typically offers the best deals as far as hiring services are considered. Just a simple search for the best skip hiring company in your area will get you off to a good start and once you’ve sourced a few potential providers, it’s as easy as getting in touch with them to request a few quotes.